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Noopli Loose Laid is specially designed and manufactured to capture, retain and reduce foot-borne viable and non-viable particulates, enabling effective contamination protection. Installation is easy as the mat is already made for you. Simply unpack, unroll and place into the desired area - no fuss!

Moveable flooring system, offering maximum flexibility.

Antimicrobial properties.

Expected life dependent on environment.

Foot and very light wheeled traffic.

Use. Clean. Repeat. No unnecessary waste created.

Max 100kg per mat area (wheeled traffic).

Quick and easy cleaning. Easily incorporate into your wet-clean cycle / SOPs.

3.5mm overall product thickness.

Steps and wheel rotations needed.

ESD - 109-10.

Full width rolled.png

Noopli Self-Install is a delivered to you as a finished mat. Simply unpack and install into the desired area yourself. Simple and no fuss.

Noopli Walk is a robust, specially developed flooring system. Expertly installed by trained service technicians.

Noopli Pro is a heavier duty flooring system with strengthened backing. Expertly installed by trained service technicians.

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