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Contamination footstep overstrikes on Noopli Blue surface
Capture. Retain. Reduce. Noopli wasable, antimicrobial contamination control mats.
Why Noopli
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Why Noopli?

We know how critical it is to ensure your controlled environments are as protected as possible from the ingress of harmful contamination.

By implementing a ground level contamination control solution such as Noopli, it helps contribute to your wider contamination control strategy, whilst being more effective performance and cost wise than other solutions.

Noopli is a polymeric, washable, antimicrobial secondary floor covering that captures, retains and reduces contamination and pathogen transfer. 

Talk to us today to see how we can help.

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End to end product lifecycle
Bespoke product packaging
Noopli manufactures the product

From design, to manufacture and packaging. We do it all under strict process and quality controls, ensuring you have the best quality mat possible. 

Contamination control expert
Expert installation trained service technicans

Firstly, we conduct a detailed assessment of your areas. Noopli is then installed by our trained service technicians.

Contamination contol flooring and mat
Full servicing and contamination controlexpertise

We will assess your Noopli mat efficiency with yearly (MET) testing, repair damages and consult on replacement strategies at end of life.

Noopli Loose Laid is delivered to you as a rolled up finished mat. Simply unpack, unroll and place into the desired area. Simple and no fuss.

Noopli Self install contamination control flooring

Noopli Self-Install is delivered to you as a flat packed finished mat. Simply unpack and install into the desired area yourself. Simple and no fuss.

Noopli Walk contamination control flooring

Noopli Walk is a robust, specially developed flooring system. Expertly installed by trained service technicians.

Noopli Pro contamination control flooring

Noopli Pro is a heavier duty flooring system with strengthened backing. Expertly installed by trained service technicians.

Noopli Products
Get in touch with Noopli

Simply give us your name, company and email address, together with what we can help you with and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

Thanks for getting in touch. We will be in touch with you soon.

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