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So, why Noopli and why should I care?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We believe that every contamination control need is unique and everything we do we believe in thinking differently. Noopli products are designed and manufactured to be flexible, to you and your facility, ensuring one of the major components in your contamination control strategy is fulfilled.

We do this by listening to you. Our product is tailored to your needs and backed by market leading service - from the point of enquiry through to renew and replacement.

We are not a peel-off mat - we will talk more about peel-off mats in another opinion piece. Noopli is a polymeric, washable, anti-microbial contamination control flooring solution, which can be bespoked to any size and shape required to meet the needs of the environment. The surface is naturally optically smooth and has a high natural tack, which enables Noopli to capture, retain and reduce contamination from entering your critical and controlled environments - from 1 micron and under up to 100 micron. With the naked eye only being able to see 40 micron, Noopli captures much more than we can visibly see.

How does Noopli work?

The objective of a Noopli mat is to capture the maximum amount of particles and contamination at floor level. Once captured, these are retained to ensure they’re not released back into the environment, reducing the amount of potentially harmful contamination from entering into your critical environments.


The elasticity of the polymeric surface, coupled with the optically smooth surface enables maximum contact with the underside of a shoe or wheel. The natural tack creates a greater attraction for the viable and non-viable particles and will trigger a transfer from shoe or wheel to the surface.


This is what makes Noopli different to traditional floor level contamination control solutions such as peel-off mats. Noopli will not only capture particulates, but also retain it within. The retention enables two things; repeated overstriking of the same area and reduced risk of contamination transfering into critical and controlled areas.


We are very honest in our approach, we are part of the solution, not the whole solution. Noopli is an effective, ground level contamination control solution that adds significant value to any contamination control strategy. However, to say that we completely eliminate ground level contamination would be a misleading. We help dramatically reduce contamination entry into critical areas by working with you and your processes and procedures to help create a holistic solution to help improve your control effectiveness.

How do we keep it performing?

Cleaning Noopli really is that simple and is adaptable to a wide variety of SOPs and wet, clean cycles.


The majority of cleaning agents can be used, as long as they are not too acidic. As part of the service, we discuss and recommend the cleaning detergent, taking into consideration your currently used cleaners to ensure maximum integration into your SOPs.


This is another great benefit to Noopli. Agitation will release the retained contamination to the surface. The contamination is released only at this point, no other time. Simply move the squeegee across the length and width of the area, applying a little pressure when doing so.


You will quickly see the surface water turn dirty, this is great! Using the same squeegee, remove the agitated contamination off the mat surface, ideally into one location so that there is a single area where the contaminants can be soaked up and disposed of (as per your SOPs). Noopli dries very quickly, so impact to operations is kept to an absolute minimum.

Do I need Noopli?

Yes is the short answer. There is a high likelihood you already have processes and procedures in place to combat ground level contamination, typically with high frequency cleaning, overshoes and peel-off mats, either one of these or all of them as a combined solution. However, think about the solutions:

High frequency cleaning - Typically results in increased cleaning personnel and disruption to operations. This creates higher overheads and more often than not, diminishing marginal returns.

Overshoes - Yes, to some extent, they protect your environments, but have you considered the annual cost and waste creation of such a solution? Quality of overshoe is also a consideration, which will have a direct impact on cost and effectiveness. Lower grade overshoes will cost less but dramatically increase risk due to increased likelihood of tear and ripping, whilst generating a large amount of waste. A higher quality overshoe will cost more, but of course lower the risk of tearing. However, there is still the issue of it being one use only and the high quality typically involves more plastic to manufacture, again equating to more waste.

Peel-off mats - These too, to some extent, help protect your environments but will also introduce issues during their use. The layers of plastic peeled off and discarded generates an incredible amount of waste. More peels per shift/day will improve contamination control effectiveness but will greatly impact both cost and plastic waste produced. Peel-off mats are also small (0.6m x 1.2m), creating opportunities to step over. You can of course gang them together, but this will invariably increase costs relative to the amount ganged. Lastly, once stepped on, the peel-off mat will lose its effectiveness, therefore, overstriking an area will result in the distribution of particulates back onto the underside of the foot and carried into the critical area.

Actually, we forgot one other thing - wheeled traffic. Peel-off mats and wheeled traffic are not suited and can result in wheels taking the mat with it when travelling across. This can cause significant operational impact if the majority of time spent is pulling a peel off mat from the wheels and underside of a pump truck or forklift.

We will do a focused opinion piece on peel-off mats in the coming weeks, so please look out for this.

Say hello and we will be happy discuss your current solutions and situation.

Noopli is a high performance and cost effective solution that will suit a number of environments. We believe we can add tremendous value to your operations and would be delighted to discuss how we can do this with you. Contact us via our website, and use the 'get in touch' form or contact us at

Team Noopli


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