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Capture. Retain. Reduce.

A lot happens with Noopli in just 3 words and 19 letters.

The idea behind Noopli is to simplify the way you manage floor level contamination, from the product delivery and installation, to its working life and ultimate replacement years thereafter. Capture. Retain. Reduce. is the distilling of numerous actions Noopli performs to help protect your critical environments from harmful, viable and non-viable particles. Here is a quick rundown of what this all means:


Noopli is strategically positioned within a facility to maximise the capture of contamination from the underside of feet and wheels - this means a position that ensures maximum footfall and wheeled traffic, the more moving across the surface the better. Noopli is polymeric, which means high natural tack and smoothness of surface, all designed to ensure optimum contact with whatever travels across its surface and most importantly the removal and capture of particles onto Noopli.

3-4 footsteps is all that is needed to effectively remove the required particles and contamination from foot and wheels. More footsteps beyond this further lowers the risk of transmission into your critical areas.


Noopli retains what is transferred to its surface and will keep it there until the surface is agitated through standard cleaning protocols. In short, Noopli keeps particles and contamination where is should be, on the mat and away from your critical areas.

What makes Noopli different to other solutions such as peel-off mats? Performance and 'overstriking'. Noopli will continue to perform (in the right conditions) up to 5 years - just think how many peels of a peel-off mat that actually is. 'Overstriking' is the real standout feature of Noopli. For example, if you were to continually step on the same area multiple times, Noopli will still retain particles on its surface and not transfer it back to your shoe. This is incredibly important in a busy operational environment.


With the above two actions, the result is reduction:

- Reduction of contamination into your critical areas.

- Reduction in cleaning (labour and materials).

- Reduction in the hit on your consumables budget due to stopping ineffective peel-off mat purchases.

- Most importantly, a reduction in anxiety of whether the implemented solution works - Noopli works.

We reduce this^ but, we are honest! To say that we completely eliminate ground level contamination would be misleading. We help dramatically reduce contamination entry into critical areas by working with you and your processes and procedures to help create a holistic solution to help improve your control effectiveness.

Feel free to contact us today to have a discussion about your facility, your thoughts on effective contamination control and how Noopli may be able to fit into your strategy. or


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