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As we embark on our R&D roadmap, we are proud to be in receipt of EU grant investment, as part of the 'Smart Growth' and 'Regional Development Fund' initiatives. Below is an outline of our project and how we are to use the funds.

The subject of this project will be the performance of a service consisting in the development of an innovative decontamination mat for industrial use, with increased ability to attract contaminants in the form of solid particles and to prevent static and microbiological hazards as well as resistance to bacteria and fungi. The product will be distinguished by higher decontamination properties compared to the previously produced mats. Nano silver and nano copper will be added to the product, which will additionally kill not only microorganisms but also mold.

Decontamination mats protect rooms where there is a need to maintain a high level of cleanliness (e.g. pharmaceutical laboratories, car factories, research centers or food processing plants) against contamination up to 99.9%, which translates into increased work efficiency and higher profits in the company's operations. It is worth knowing that as much as 80% of pollutants entering the critical environment come from shoes or wheels. Therefore, a fundamental part of reducing pollution is controlling it at floor level.

The project will be carried out by a research unit with experience in the implementation of projects on similar topics, as well as with academic staff whose research interests focus on issues related to the works planned under the project. The implementation of research includes four basic stages:


1. Research on determining the parameters of the plastisol coating process.

2. Research on the composition of the composition for the production of coatings with biocidal properties.

3. Including end users in the process of creating a new product.

4. Obtaining mats and testing their properties.

5. Verification of the composition of the composition and / or process parameters based on the research of selected properties.


Project Outcome: Number of product innovations introduced: 1 pc.


Project Value: PLN 464 356.50


Contribution of European Funds: PLN 320,067.50

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